Dropping from ledges

When I first got Rover he was still too young to have figured out path planning skills.  If he saw a thing he wanted, he went in the direction he saw it, regardless of what obstacles lay between him and it.  This often meant “leaping” off platforms that were twice as high as his carapace length.  Once he figured out that maybe it was better to go down a nearby ramp and then aim for the prize, he never looked back.  I thought.

On the week I returned from travel, I twice observed Rover intentionally pushing off his second story balcony down to the ramp that goes into his pond.  TWICE.  It’s only about 1.5 carapace lengths high, but it still surprised me, since the ramp was just 2 inches to his left in the same direction!  Maybe he started doing this while I was away because he was stuck in his terrarium bored every day and needed to create some fun and interest?  Or maybe he would have done it anyway.

In any case, since he’s doing it deliberately and he’s strong and coordinated now, he’s done by the time I notice and pick up the camera (and lands on his belly instead of his back).  But I do have some good footage of him doing this two years ago, about 5 months old.  At the time he was still learning how to flip himself back over, and I believe this was by far the quickest I’d ever seen him do it at the time.

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