Snooze fest

When Hermann’s tortoises are very little, they have a few natural predators.  But as they get bigger, they’re not very susceptible to predators anymore.  They don’t worry quite as much about their safety.

This has been evident in Rover’s behavior.  When he was little, he strongly preferred a cave where he could dig a little cozy indent to sleep in: snug and protected.  I could sometimes trick him into dozing off under a piece of cloth under the heat lamp.  Now, he still prefers snugness most of the time, but he clearly isn’t anxious about dozing off wherever he happens to be.

In other words, get ready for a bunch of adorable photos of a sleepyhead tortoise!

Rover frequently spends the night in my old sneaker

Rover dozing in the second story cave

Rover has two favorite places to spend the entire night: my old sneaker, and a cave with a bit of fabric that provides additional obscurity when he’s at the back.  This is a cuter photo of him dozing on the fabric, but during the night he’s pushed against the back of the cave.  Interestingly, he will only sleep in this cave when it’s on the second story—not when it’s directly on the bark.

Sometimes Rover tries to get out of bed before he’s really ready.

He made it 2 inches from his bedtime shoe before he crashed out on the floor

And sometimes he falls asleep in odd positions while basking, or on his way somewhere.

Rover dozes on his pond ramp

Fully unconscious (head retracted) on a pile of pipes

Hugging his hammock ramp as he dozes

As he grows, it’s a joy to watch him try to sleep in things that may actually be a bit too snug now.  He doesn’t manage to doze in such places for long.

Rover tries to stuff himself inside a coconut shell he’s nearly outgrown

I had a virus a couple months ago that took a couple weeks before I was fully recovered.  During that time, I let Rover hang out under my sweater in the mornings.  Since then, he occasionally pushes at the terrarium glass while pointing himself at me, either after his initial bask or “late” at night when he’s supposed to be asleep.  He won’t calm down until I either let him hang out under my sweater or give him a lot of back rubs.  So that’s a new place he sometimes dozes.

Dozing inside my sweater.

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