Swimming: further explorations

Until a couple weeks ago, I thought Rover disliked swimming.  Still, in my search for continued enrichment I provided him with a boat on warm water.  One day he climbed over the side and started swimming cheerfully around the tub, peering around through wet eyes.

Rover floating on tub water in a clear plastic bin

After a quick search, I found that kiddie pools only cost $10 or so.  I figured it could be used for swimming, wading, or just another dry environment on the balcony if he didn’t really enjoy the water.  I found out quickly that he was wary of a sparse environment.

Rover eyeing the water warily from his dry dock

So I added some more points of interest, with particular attention to keeping the areas next to the dock shallow.  As soon as I added a few more points of interest, he couldn’t help but dive in and start exploring.

With a few more items thrown in, Rover feels comfortable exploring the entire pool

I kept the water at a level where he could swim, but he didn’t have to if he was OK with moving around at a snail’s pace.  He started out wading only, but eventually he did a little more swimming in the deeper areas.  His favorite thing while swimming was to investigate every part of the join between the underwater inflatable ring and the middle inflatable ring, to make sure there were no hidden caves for him to check out.

Of course, he preferred the wading areas when he didn’t have an exploration path in mind.  And he found lots of opportunities for climbing.

Rover finds opportunities for climbing in the pool

I’ve let him check out the pool several times.  It’s clear that wading is preferred, but swimming is still kinda cool.  But only when it’s hot out.  Still, nothing beats a good soak in the heat.

My little cousin-of-a-crocodile enjoys a good soak in the heat

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